Montanas, Inc.

Montanas - A NEW LOOK ! ! !

        I'm Back!!  Once Again Hickory Smoking My Famous Meats for Special Events and Orders

All New Fun Events, Entertainment &

Different Roads and Oceans to Travel

Biloxi / Gulfport, Mississippi

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Ken Montana and Montanas, Inc. Welcomes you to a Bold New Company Direction Featuring New Concepts, Themes & a Variety of Entertainment and Services!

 The Rustic Appeal of the Western Texas Beef, Briskets & Traditional Southern Barbeque Pork and Poultry.

Cajun French Seafood, & Wild Game - Gator, Buffalo, Elk, & More . . .

Legendary Foods, Quality, Service, & Tastes from Montanas

- Or New From Montanas -

Collector Automobiles, Motorcycles & Boats

Museum Collectibles & Restoration - Display - Maintenance - Repair - Build

Replicas - Consignment - Brokerage - Import

Events & Shows

On the Water Entertainment

Chart Boats and Charter Fishing

Dive Charters

Dinner & Romantic Evening Charters on the Water Under the Stars

Business Meetings on the Water

I invite you to enjoy my exciting new company  .. Ken Montana

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